This is a report on the shareholder return policy for the fiscal year ending March 2024. For this period, we implemented a shareholder return with a payout ratio of 35%, resulting in a year-end dividend of 48 yen per share and an annual dividend of 69 yen per share.

Starting from the fiscal year ending March 2025, our new dividend policy will include a “progressive dividend” and a shareholder return with a 55% payout ratio. We will strive to maintain financial soundness while comprehensively considering our consolidated performance and future business developments, continuously implementing progressive dividends and aiming for a consolidated payout ratio of 55%.

Since the start of our Medium-Term Management Plan in the fiscal year ending March 2021, we have continuously increased dividends. The dividend yield has also been rising.

For more details, please listen to Mr. Hideyuki Hongo, our Representative Director and President & CEO.


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・digital marketing SaaS『Cloud CIRCUS』 ・Providing IT infrastructure equipment to small and medium-sized enterprises