The quantitative goals of the mid-term management plan are:

– Achieve segment profitability in the digital marketing business under a portfolio strategy and improve the operating profit margin

– Accelerate digital transformation within the company and build a highly productive organizational structure in order to achieve double-digit ROE

– Achieve the above two goals and aim to improve corporate value

As of the end of March 2024, the operating profit margin was 11.7%, operating profit was 2,282 million yen, ROE was 24.8%, and market capitalization was 15.9 billion yen, which was not achieved.

Sales and operating profit both progressed smoothly. In the previous fiscal year ending March 2024, sales were 19,571 million yen and operating profit was 2,282 million yen. This was the highest operating profit ever. We aim to reach a new record high in the current fiscal year ending March 2025, which is the final fiscal year of the mid-term plan.

Please pay attention to the detailed explanation of the business strategy, etc. discussed in the video.


Prime Market




Wholesale business


・digital marketing SaaS『Cloud CIRCUS』 ・Providing IT infrastructure equipment to small and medium-sized enterprises