CyberLinks has reviewed both the strategic and numerical aspects of its Medium-Term Management Plan (FY12/21-FY12/25), considering changes in the business environment, external as well as internal, such as M&A, after two years have passed. Thus, the Revised Version has been formulated.

Highlights by segment include the following points: In the distribution business, we accelerated further strengthening of @rms ERP based on its strong profit trends; in the government business, we acquired Synergy in July 2022, which has strengths in document management systems that would be the key to promoting DX for municipalities; in the trust business, we acquired CloudCerts, a digital certificate issuing service, in December 2021 to catch up with the original plan; and in the mobile business, we added 4 new stores in December 2022 through M&A despite the challenging business environment due to the mobile carrier policies.

Thus, the net sales target will be achieved two years ahead of the original plan, which will absorb investment costs including M&A and development. In 2025, we aim for net sales of 17 billion yen, recurring revenue of 9.5 billion yen, a recurring revenue ratio of 56.1%, recurring profit of 1.68 billion yen, and a profit margin of 9.8%.






Information & Communication


Cyberlinks’ main business is IT cloud. Distribution and government cloud are its strengths. It also operates Docomo dealership stores.