Cyberlinks Co., Ltd. excels at anticipating current trends and foreseeing potential societal demands. The company operates the Distribution Cloud business, which provides IT services to the food distribution industry, the Government Cloud business for local governments, the Trust business (a new business), and the Mobile Network business, which runs Docomo stores.

The company debuted its “shared cloud” service for the food distribution industry in 2005, before the term “cloud” was widely used.

By allowing all users to share hardware and software, it offers a best-in-class system at an affordable price. Customers prefer the system since it is a unique solution that improves management efficiency while reducing IT costs.

Cyberlinks’ EDI service for the food wholesale industry has become the de facto industry standard, handling 8.9 trillion yen in gross transaction value per year. Its food retailer services are used by approximately 30% of food supermarkets in Japan, and the service’s market share is increasing every year.

Recurring revenues totaled 6.6 billion yen in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021, accounting for more than half of total sales.

The company’s medium-term management plan calls for an ordinary profit margin of 11.0% by 2025, but it aims to reach this goal ahead of schedule due to strong performance trends.

President Murakami will provide an overview of the company and its future growth strategy.






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Cyberlinks’ main business is IT cloud. Distribution and government cloud are its strengths. It also operates Docomo dealership stores.