Consolidated net business profits including net gains related to ETFs and others, which indicates profits from core business, was 807.1 billion yen, a decrease of 46 billion yen from the previous fiscal year.The customer groups increased by 48.8 billion yen year-on-year, exceeding the profit level before the introduction of negative interest rates back in fiscal year 2015 and posted its record-high profits since the introduction of the in-house company system in fiscal year 2016.
Non-interest income on domestic retail asset management and capital markets declined due to sluggish domestic and overseas capital markets. However, Non-Japanese-yen deposits and forex income increased due to the focus on transaction banking, and income from Sales and Trading increased mainly in the Americas while stronger borrowing demand after the COVID-19 was a support for the lending interest income.
On the other hand, the market segment reported a significant decrease of 90.2 billion yen as a result of conservative risk management under severe market conditions and losses on foreign bonds realized by management intent.
Excluding the impact of these losses on foreign bonds, net business profits of 860 billion yen was achieved as planned.
Credit-related costs were within the 100 billion yen range of the annual plan and were down 145.8 billion yen from last fiscal year, when a cost associated to certain large client was recorded.
As we made steady progress in selling cross-shareholdings, net gains related to stocks increased by 130.3 billion yen compared to last year, when we recorded a large loss on the cancellation of bear funds.
Net extraordinary gains decreased due to the absence of the large reversion of the Employee Benefit Trust, but the reversion has been steadily accumulating in the current fiscal year, fiscal year 2023.
As a result of the above, net income attributable to FG was 555.5 billion yen, an increase of 25 billion yen from the last fiscal year, exceeding the annual plan of 540 billion yen.








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