Sales, operating income, and net income for the first half of the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023 were 1,629 million yen, -57 million yen, and -127 million yen, respectively. Net sales decreased YoY due to changes in contracts for some system development projects and the postponement of consulting projects to the second half of the year. As for segment details, a new lineup was added to the SS Cloud series. SS-Chat,” a communication support system for real estate companies and their customers, was launched. In addition, through aggressive sales activities, the company achieved one of the largest installations in Japan. Achieved single-month profitability through partial fee-based services. Strongly promoted fintech for real estate businesses. Expanding services to improve operational efficiency by linking with SS Cloud Series. FY9/11 results were revised downward due to a change in the technology business from system development to participation in consulting services. Operating income and below are expected to be in line with the plan. As key measures to achieve this goal, the company will focus on strengthening the SaaS business and expanding its revenue base.






Information & Communication


System development and solutions business, SaaS and payment business, etc.